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Mutee head, Jardine river and the tip

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With the trailer repairs done and my wallet an overwhelming amount lighter we continued North towards the tip.
We drove a few hours then I noticed one of the leaf springs was broken on the boat trailer.


I’m actually thinking about changing the name of this blog to Ramblings of a man that owns a broken boat trailer, or possibly Ramblings of a boat trailer that owns a broken man. These corrogations sure are tough on trailers..


We continued North gingerly towards our campsite at Mutee Heads. The campsite was beautiful, but a lot of rubbish had been left behind by campers. The next day we did some exploring towards the mouth of the Jardine river and decided to move our camp there. Whilst exploring we got stuck for the first time this trip.


You can see in this photo how soft the sand was at the mouth, and how unimpressed at being stuck in the sand on a scorching day Katie was. Luckily maxtracks (very expensive pieces of plastic) are the remedy for soft sand, I still haven’t found the maxtracks equivalent for an unimpressed girlfriend.

The Jardine river camp was really nice, and even had a rope swing. We had the whole place to ourselves the whole time we were there.




The next day we left the boat and camper at camp and did a day trip to the tip. From the tip car park you need to scramble over some pretty rocky terrain to get to the tip, there’s no signs or marked walking track as such, and I couldn’t help but think that grandparents in tour buses would really struggle.


The difference between each side of the headland was really impressive. The eastern side had really rough seas and howling winds, while the western side was calm and serene.



The next day we put the boat in and had a fish, I expected big things but only dragged in a few grunter, delicious.

After that I swapped out the broken spring with the help of a shady tree and a good old ratchet strap.


When I inspected it I found that on one side the new very expensive hangers weren’t attached straight, and the axle pad had been moved out to accommodate the hanger not being straight… The Weipa metal fab shop was having the last laugh. Lesson learnt, next time just buy a welder, some steel and a slab of beer to steady my trembly welding hands.

How to get there:
After crossing the Jardine river ferry which costs $129 including trailer follow the road for about 30km and take the turn to Mutee head. At the end of the Mutee head Road there will be a3 way intersection, take the middle option and follow it a few hundred metres until you come across a sandy track with a tree with Jardine spray painted on it. Follow the sandy track 4km to the river campsites.
Camping Cost:
Free, included in the ferry cost.
Boat Access:
You can beach launch, be prepared to winch on the way back up from the beach.
Other Opportunities:
The River runs fresh at low tide, which is good for a desperately needed wash.


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