Ramblings of an Extreme Man


2019 – January

XMAS-time inland adventure (Inverell, Armidale, Boyd River, Cangai)

2018 – November

NZs Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail – Sweet As

2018 – October

Shared Finances: The Tragedy of the Commons?

2018 – July

The Opportunity Cost of Private Schooling

2018 – May

BVRT, yeah you know me

2017 – August

Annual Leave optimisation 

2017 – June

Money, Life, Retirement – 7. Reading List 

Money, Life, Retirement – 6. If God is a DJ, life is the dance floor, love is the rhythm and you are the spreadsheet**

2017 – May

Money, Life, Retirement – 5. How to get to where you want?

Money, Life, Retirement – 4. How much do you need to retire and how long will that take?

Money, Retirement, Life – 3. How much do you need

Money, Life, Retirement – 2. What to do with Money

Money, Life, Retirement – 1. Introduction

2016 – October

Superannuation or Suckerannuation?

2016 – August

Ramblings of a boat trailer that owns a broken man

2016 – April

A tax hack for increased holiday good times

The cost of travel / Spreadsheet-o-holics Anonymous

Moreton Island

2016 – March

Success, compound interest, the tortoise and the hare

Top end tales of woe

Queenstown extreme

2016 – February

Bay of Fires / Swimcart Beach

Freycenet Peninsula & Friendly Beaches

2016 – January


Things that Australia does wrong

Bruny Island

Cockle Creek

2015 – December

The Overland Track

Canunda National Park

The Red Centre

2015 – November

Cobourg Peninsula – Garig Gunak Barlu

Savannah Way and King Ash Bay fishing club

Mutee head, Jardine river and the tip

2015 – October


Chili Beach and the wrath of the PDR

Bathurst Head

Cooktown and the Bloomfield track

Noahs Beach

2015 – September

Graham Range campground

Henrietta Creek

Hideaway Bay / Dingo Beach

Cape Hillsborough

Middle Creek

Camp chairs and food envy

2015 – August

Camper Reno – Construction

Camper Reno – Demolition

Camper Reno – Detailed design

Camper Reno – Requirements definition and high level design

2015 – July

Camping, glamping, utes, vans and not showering.

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