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Hideaway Bay / Dingo Beach

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We stayed at Hideaway Bay for a few days while Wazz and Megs stayed nearby in Dingo Beach. Hideaway Bay caravan Park is like many places in Queensland in winter, full of grey nomads from Victoria. They tend to stay here for months at a time. They all have tinnies but only a few of them use them, most preferring to spend their time engaging in caravan park politics, or discussing the amenities. We got the full run down while we were there. Apparently the toilets aren’t quite as clean as they were last year…

Dingo Beach which is nearby is fantastic though, and the karaoke at the pub on a Saturday is a highlight, definitely Australian Idol material.


We went fishing twice here. Once launching at Dingo Beach and trawling near Gloucester Island. We picked up a 94cm Queenfish.


We also launched at Airly Beach and headed out to Hayman island targeting a big Spanish Mackerel. We weren’t lucky enough to get a spanyard, but did pick up a coral trout and a nice perch.

How to get there:
Go past Airly Beach on the Bruce and follow the signs to dingo Beach, then to Hideaway Bay.
Camping Cost:
$32 per night for 2 people unpowered
Boat Access:
There is a boat ramp at dingo Beach which is fine most tides except for really big boats
Other Opportunities:
There’s also a great bar called Monte’s which is really nice


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