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Noahs Beach



Noahs Beach is close to the end of the bitumen in the Daintree rainforest near Cape Tribulation. Hence it gets a bloody lot of wicked camper vans and long haired hippies cruising through. While the hippies were plaiting their dreadlocks and discussing existentialism we were of course busy wrestling monsters from the deep on the beach.
Existentialism this, hippies!:


A 92cm permit, it would have weighed around 15kg, and took about 15 minutes to get onto the beach. Food for a week.


The goannas were pretty fond of beer around here and perhaps a little too friendly, we got chased by a big one who really liked the smell of the fish frame.


How to get there:
Follow the signs past cairns to the daintree. You need to catch a ferry across the daintree River which cost us $19 one way with a trailer. The ferry runs 6am until midnight.
Camping Cost:
5.95 pp per night
Boat Access:
There’s no boat access here, although apparently there’s a boat ramp at Thornton Beach though.
Other Opportunities:
There’s plenty of touristy guided walks you can do in the area.

3 thoughts on “Noahs Beach

  1. Keep growing the beard Andrew and you will end up looking like Noah! Are you sick of eating fish yet? Are you looking forward to a big thick juicy Porterhouse or Rib Eye steak?


  2. Wow, that’s one huge sucker of a fish!


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