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After Bruny Island we made our way to Hobart. I’d been to Hobart twice before but had never managed to fit in a visit to Mona (Musuem of Old and New Art). It’s a privately owned art gallery, which some might say is the reason the gallery includes more edgy art. For example;


A four way dick explosion. This reminded my childish mind of the generation moulding classic Ghost Busters 1, “Don’t cross the streams!”


Poo and nude old men


And a machine that digests food and turns it into something resembling fecal matter. It smells marvellous..

I highly recommend a visit if you are in Hobart, it’s not to be missed.

After that we headed up to Mt Wellington for a look at the view of Hobart and the surrounds. It is a really pretty city, if it wasn’t so cold I’d definitely live here. There aren’t many cities where you can drive 20 minutes in one direction to go surfing or drive 20 minutes in another direction to go mountain biking. Mt Wellington is about 20 minutes from Hobart and is 1270m in elevation.



Katie bought me a flight lesson voucher for my birthday, and we’d booked in to use it the next day. I woke up with the theme from Top Gun in my head and it was on repeat all day.





The conditions were so bad when we landed that the instructor missed the landing and we needed to come around again. He was actually shaking when we landed, which for most people I’m sure would be concerning, but I found that any potential near death experience is exciting if you’ve constantly got the theme from Top Gun paying in your head. I might have to buy some Aviators and a leather jacket…

Mona costs $25 per adult
A 30 minute introductory flying lesson with Par Avion costs $249


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  1. Mona sounds great, don’t know about flying in dodgy weather, Top Gun and all, but still awesome shots.

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