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Freycenet Peninsula & Friendly Beaches


The Freycenet Peninsula is the home to one of the most famous Tasmanian postcard locations, Wineglass Bay.


On the way North we decided to stop in for a quick walk, and a few days camping at a nearby campsite called Friendly beaches.

Friendly beaches is full of friendly critters. The wallabies here are almost domesticated. One basically crawled onto my lap trying to snaffle some cheese.



The beaches here are lovely, and great for a swim.



There’s nothing like swimming in your jocks at the beach to make you feel like an awkward, inappropriate old man..

How to get there:
Heading north on the A3 from Hobart take a right hand turn towards Coles Bay before you get to Bicheno. The turn off to Friendly Beaches is a few k’s down this road on the left. To get to Wineglass Bay continue past Coles Bay and follow the signs.

Camping Cost:
Camping at friendly beaches is free.
To walk to Wineglass Bay you’ll need a Tasmanian parks pass.

Boat Access:
You can launch a boat at Coles Bay which is on the protected side of the Peninsula.

Other Opportunities:
There’s a 3 day hike you can do around Freycenet. I’ve done it previously, and I recommend it if you’ve got the time.


3 thoughts on “Freycenet Peninsula & Friendly Beaches

  1. What a stunning part of Tasmania the Freycinet Peninsula is. And those wallabies look so friendly. You’re lucky they didn’t get your cheese!

    Liked by 1 person

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