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Chili Beach and the wrath of the PDR


Our first day on the Peninsula Development Road (PDR) wasn’t easy on our poor boat trailer. First of all one of the brackets that held the drivers side guard gave way.


Then the next day after a quiet night at the Musgrave roadhouse a spring hanger completely self destructed.


With the leafs on one side of the trailer rattling around like a set of keys at a swingers party I called on cable tie and gaffa tapes big brother, the ratchet strap.


We then limped 20km to Archer River roadhouse where we stayed the night while some dodgy bush MIG mechanics was done. I also discovered the other side was cracked and not too far from giving way as well.. I didn’t even worry about painting the welds on the repair job because I was sure by the time they went rusty the trailer would be properly done.



After the repairs we were back on the road from Archer River to Chili Beach. Chili beach is on the eastern side of the Cape in Iron range national park near lockhart river. The road in is not the best and in our vulnerable state took a while, but when we got there it was worth it.




You can beach launch here, and while it is pretty windy it is OK to leave your boat in the water if you trust your anchor.

We put the boat in with the intention of hitting up a little creek around the other side of the headland. Instead on the way there we ran into a seagull and baitfish sexy party.


It took 3 lures to work out what they liked, but when we found the right one I picked up a 65cm trevally, then soon after Katie dragged in a 75cm trevally.



How to get there:
Just after Archer river roadhouse turn off towards Lockhart River. As you get towards the coast follow the signs to Chili beach
Camping Cost:
5.95 pp per night
Boat Access:
You can drive onto the beach and beach launch.
Other Opportunities:
Collecting thongs that have washed up from Indonesia. There’s hundreds of them along the coast.


4 thoughts on “Chili Beach and the wrath of the PDR

  1. Andrew….. You need to change the name of your blog to include ” AND AN EXTREME WOMAN”


  2. Hey, great blog! Now in this one you say dodgy mig welding. Did you do it yourself, like with a 12 volt battery? Curios?


    • Hi Chris. I’ve often though about arc welding with car batteries, apparently you need 3 in series, which I could manage with the batteries in the camper. Luckily I haven’t been that desperate yet though!
      The friendly blokes at Archer River roadhouse ended up taking care of the welding for me in their back shed.

      Liked by 1 person

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