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Weipa is on the West coast of the Cape, a few hundred k’s from the tip as the crow flies.

We drove in very gingerly, worried about the state of the boat trailer. We got there feeling a little worse for wear, but at least we were doing better than this guy who owned a white Nissan Navara with optional banana bend pack.


Then we met the bloke who owned this truck:


Not only was he really intelligent owning a sweet landcruiser troopy poptop, fully decked out inside and covered in camouflage paint to escape the pesky authority’s, he also had a girlfriend that didn’t seem to mind at all if he went fishing all day with the boys. What a legend, wonder if she’s got a sister?

We booked the trailer in for some reinforcements at a local workshop and checked in at the weipa caravan park and attempted to wash all the layers of red bulldust off.

While we were waiting for the trailer to get into the shop, we fished. The fishing here wasn’t as good as I expected. A lot of what we caught was undersize, and the place was full of charter boats, there were actually far more boats on the water here than you get in Brisbane.  Weipa gets fished pretty hard. But Katie managed to drag in a nice queeny.


How to get there:
Stay on the Peninsula Development Road instead of taking the telegraph Road turnoff.
Camping Cost:
$30 per night for 2 people on an unpowered site at the Weipa caravan park.
Boat Access:
The boat ramp is about a 5 minute drive from the caravan park
Other Opportunities:
There’s some tours to do, including a tour of the nearby bauxite mine, crocodile tours etc.

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