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Moreton Island

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Our epic adventure has ended..

We now live in a house, have a flushing toilet and even shower most days.

Having been back at work for a grand total of one and a half days, I reflected deeply upon my change in circumstances and decided the only rational, mature thing to do was to firmly embrace denial and run away to Moreton Island, catch fish, beat my chest and poo in a hole for the Easter long weekend.


There are two options if you want to camp on Moreton Island, you can take the ferry over and bring your car, or if you have a boat you can boat your way over and sleep in a tent. Due to the extreme cost of the car ferry we decided to take the boat and sleep in our hiking tent.


We left from the Port of Brisbane boat ramp, from there its about a 30km trip over to the south west camping zone. This gives you about an hour to enjoy the sensual rhythmic pounding of your butt on the boat seats as you bash through the chop, ooohhhh yeah.

Once there we donned our stylish fishing uniforms and set about catching some dinner.


Fresh squid


58cm flatty


Katie picked up a few tusk fish

We also climbed a pretty big sandhill.




There is heaps of sea life at moreton, we saw dolphins, huge turtles, stingrays, manta rays, huge shovel nose sharks and sharks.





How to get there:
Boat from brisbane, or there is the Moreton Island ferry if you want to take your 4×4:

Camping Cost:
$5.90 per person per night booked on the Queensland National Park website.

Boat Access:
You can leave your boat in the water, at the southern end of the island the tide goes a long way out, so be mindful of the tides when fishing.


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