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Cooktown and the Bloomfield track

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The Bloomfield track goes between Cape tribulation and cooktown. This was the first bit of bumpy road we’d seen for the trip besides the little on the way into middle creek.
The bumpy section is only about 30km long, and involved a few little creek crossings which weren’t that deep this time of year and plenty of big hills and corrogations. A few of the hills were serious enough to force the big ute back into first. There’s something that makes me want to beat my chest about wide open throttle in a big diesel, turbo screaming, while the boat trailer is acting like it’s a bmx super star from the 90s.


We also passed a gq patrol flying in the opposite direction with two chick’s driving.
Moments later the uhf buzzed ‘copy kath, dotti’. Again ‘copy kath, dotti’. Five minutes of this continued until we came across two blokes in another gq towing a boat. After we stopped they asked if we’d seen two girls driving a car in the opposite direction, from the frantic look in their eyes it seemed like their women folk had taken off with one of their trucks! Don’t worry mate, they won’t get too far in a Patrol.


Bloomfield falls


Lions den hotel and sweet sweet xxxx gold


Black Mountain National Park. The method that the National Park Service use to determine the National Park names remains a complete mystery to me.


The Bloomfield track dealt the first bit of boat trailer carnage. The winch bracket cracked.


This is the look of a man beginning to realise he may have brought a knife to a gun fight. I said to Katie that it’s probably a 50 50 chance that the trailer and or boat may not make it back, and we all know the Captain goes down with the ship.. I thought I’d rather have the winch bracket break than the draw bar, so I chose not to get it welded, just lowered it into the sleeve a little further and did my best to pretend as if nothing had happened…


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